What You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Short and Sweet! Register, watch the videos, take their quizzes, then take the cumulative Constitution Bee online – all in the comfort of your home – before April 8th. Top qualifiers compete for cash prizes on April 22, 2022, at American Heritage School.

If you just want to view the videos without registering and competing in the Constitution Bee, click here.

The Why: We all feel that the Constitution is inspired and at the foundation of this great country, but through the Constitution Bee, you will begin to match your feelings for freedom with your knowledge of freedom as you study the Constitution’s powerful words and ideas. The Constitution Bee offers great cash prizes for its winners (see below), but the biggest prize of all you are guaranteed to win by participating in the Bee is the knowledge of the principles of freedom found in the Constitution. And that is what will truly make you a winner – and a participant – in America’s great future!

The Constitution Bee is Family Friendly. There are four different age categories, each with its own Constitution Bee course. Each course is based upon the same six videos and those videos are embedded in each course. The only difference in the courses is the difficulty of the quizzes that accompany each video and the difficulty of the Constitution Bee final exam at the end of the course. The older the age bracket, the more challenging the questions. The fact that all courses share the same six videos creates a great opportunity to learn the Constitution together as a family and to have discussions related to what you are learning. (Note: If you watch the videos together and then go to take the quiz, the system may not recognize that you have watched the video and will not let you take the quiz without doing so. If that happens, just click and drag the dot on the progress bar at the bottom of the video so the system will let you take the quiz.)

Registration: Please use a parent’s email address to register (enroll) and then list the names and ages of each participant (separated only by spaces, not by commas) in the first name field. This would include the moms and all children wanting to participate in the Bee (For example, Email field: First name field: Julia 54 James 17 Liz 14 Luke 11. Last name field: Jones.) The only exception to this would be in the case of multiple children in the same family wanting to participate in the Bee who are in the same age bracket. In this case, a different parent email address should be used with the name and age of the participant(s) in the first name field. (For example, Email field: First name field: Emma 12 Jane 9. Last name field: Jones.) Feel free to email with any questions.

Annoying Answers! Beware! Some of the fill-in-the-blank questions on the quizzes and the Constitution Bee final exam are super annoying because they require exact, word-for-word responses that mark you wrong if you don’t use the precise “right” wording of the phrase. We fully recognize this isn’t really testing whether or not you truly understand the concept and it feels frustrating and unfair to miss a question you completely understand but don’t have the “exact” phrasing for. The reason for these exact answers is three-fold: 1) to allow for the system to grade your answers instead of having to have individual graders go in and read your responses. Although we do have individual reading of your essay responses in the Constitution Bee final exam, we just don’t have the resources to go through and read every response to every non-essay question. 2) we recognize that we could substitute multiple-choice questions for those annoying “word-for-word” fill-in-the-blank questions, but we feel like the best way to test your knowledge, and reaffirm your learning, is through the fill-in-the-blank questions because it causes you to create the answer in your mind rather than just choose from a list of options on multiple-choice questions which, likewise, doesn’t do the best job of testing your knowledge but rather your recognition abilities and deductive reasoning skills. 3) So many of you are so sharp, that we need questions that create differentiation amongst participants. These questions and their answers are hard and require precise answers, but hard things are good for us! Anyway, for what it’s worth, we apologize before-hand and hope you will forgive us if those questions bother you. They bother us too, but we have made the conscious decision to include them as the least of the evils associated with testing – especially online testing. Thanks for your understanding and patience!!!

The What and the How: Here is how it works. Each course has 4 main components.

  1. The Welcome video: This is a short video to orient students on what to expect in the course.
  2. The Five Clauses Everyone Should Know: This is a 6-part series to prepare students to take the Constitution Bee final exam at the end of the course. Each part has a 20-minute video and an accompanying quiz. A student will need to complete part 1 (watch the video and take the quiz) before moving on to part 2, and so on up thru part 6. The quizzes contain the exact same questions that are on the Constitution Bee final exam.
  3. The Summary of Five Clauses Everyone Should Know: This is a short video summarizing what was learned in the Five Clauses Everyone Should Know. It also is accompanied by a quiz that must be completed before taking the Constitution Bee final exam. (Note: The Elementary School Constitution Bee does not have this Summary lesson – meaning neither the video nor the quiz – since the summary video and quiz is at a level that might be beyond 4th and 5th grade comprehension levels. But the middle school, high school, and adult Bees have the summary video and quiz.)
  4. The Constitution Bee Final Exam: This is the final exam that covers all the questions from the previous quizzes plus a few more essays and short answers.

Other Logistical Issues: The course is designed to be completed online, in the convenience of the student’s home, at the student’s own pace, but the Constitution Bee final exam at the end of the course must be completed by the end of the day on Friday, April 8, 2022. The top five qualifiers* in each age category on the Constitution Bee final exam will then advance to a live (in-person/virtual**), age-specific event held on Friday, April 22, 2022, at American Heritage School (details to follow) where winners will be asked similar questions to the Constitution Bee final exam in a live and exciting competition with their peers as they compete for the cash prizes.

*The top five qualifiers will be interviewed over the phone to ensure that cheating wasn’t involved in achieving a high score.

** It will be in participants’ best interest to attend the live event in person since we will not allow the inevitable technology issues that arise, either on our end or on the participant’s end, to delay the Bee. Also, to help encourage in-person attendance, the Constitution and Civility Center may assist with local hosting, transportation, and food accommodations for those traveling long distances to participate in person.

Share with Friends and Family! The Constitution Bee is online and open to the public so share it with whoever loves the Constitution and wants to learn more about it.

Ready to Get Started? Click on the Bee below you are interested in. Next, click on the blue “Login to Enroll” button. Then register an account. Once registered, you are ready to take the course and return to it whenever you want. Enjoy!