Constitution Literacy series

The answer lies not only in the Constitution but in the sincere desire to understand another person’s point of view

What is it?

The Constitution Literacy Series is a monthly event, launched on September 17, 2021 (Constitution Day) dedicated to presenting a deep-dive look into Constitutional issues and policies in civil and thoughtful ways. Each event consists of one half-hour of presentations – with 15 minutes being dedicated to each side of the issue – followed by one-half hour of moderated debate, and then concluded with questions and answers from the live/virtual audience.

Join us in person at the Legacy Building Auditorium on campus at American Heritage School, or online, 7:00pm on the following dates!

Upcoming Debates

Link will be live on the date and at the time of the event

Watch Archived Debates

Who We Are

David Hancock, Jeff Hymas and Adam Brewer serve as full-time faculty members at American Heritage School.
They also serve as the co-directors of the Constitution & Civility Center.